Simmba 2nd Saturday (9th Day) Box Office Collection is 13.5 crore. The Ninth Day (Second Saturday) Collections takes the 9 days total business of the film to a huge 173 crore. The film should cross the 190 crore by the end of second weekend at the box office.

The film showed a solid growth of around 45-50 % on its second Saturday thus by ensuring that the film is set for a solid 39-40 crore range second weekend at the box office. The film will be targeting 60-65 crore range second week at the box office. 

The film has beaten the numbers of Race 3 on Saturday and it will beat 2.0 today to emerge the third highest grosser of 2018. The film should enter the 200 crore Club by second Tuesday at the box office. The film is trending very well in Mumbai where it should be among the Top 10 Grossers of all time comfortably. 

The film should emerge the highest grosser for Rohit Shetty by the end of second week in worst case scenario. In totality, this is the third 200 crore film for Rohit Shetty whereas second for Ranveer Singh. The film has an outside chance of coming close to 250 crore mark but that depends on treding in the third and fourth week at the box office.

The film is now scoring in all the major Hindi belt territories like Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi - UP, Punjab, CP-Berar, Rajasthan, Bihar, West Bengal etc.The film is set for a long run for almost couple of more weeks in these territories because of limited competition at the box office.

First Week - 150.81 crore
  • 2nd Friday - 9.02 crore
  • 2nd Saturday - 13.5 crore
Total (after 9 Days) - 173.3 crore