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Talkingmoviez was created in March 2013 with the sole idea of providing authentic news, box office reports, analysis related to Bollywood. Our main purpose is to illuminate about the movies through the integration of art and business. We have a team which works day and night in providing you the movie reviews and music reviews of every relevant film.

In terms of box office numbers we have our own credible sources and with the help of them we provide you fast and accurate numbers. We have a special monthly section called “Star of the month” which we started in August 2013 with the idea of presenting an actor whose movie has been the most talked about throughout the Month.

Slowly and steadily we have been able to build a small family because of the regular and accurate news we provide

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In case you feel that some information here is wrong and you have substantial proof you can leave a comment on facebook / twitter or can mail your statement to t[email protected]

In case of any queries feel free to send a mail to t[email protected]

We have a clear set principle that we will provide unbiased news/reports to you without maligning any star and we proudly say we have been able to continue this and also hope to continue it in near future.

 Regards Talkingmoviez team 

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