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Banjo Movie Review – Riteish Deshmukh, Nargis Fakhri

Looking forward to watch Banjo this weekend? Here’s our review of the Riteish Deshmukh – Nargis Fakhri film directed by Ravi Jadhav.

Banjo is a story of a band from slum culture in Mumbai who perform for their livelihood. The film is a quintessential story of a underdog who rises against all odds to leave a mark. The film is about transformation of a band that performed merely for money to performing for their heart.

The film directed by Ravi Jadhav has a promising first half however is marred by an average second half which leaves many questions unanswered. The music and background score is apt for the genre and it is sad that the same isn’t being widely promoted by the production house.

Majorly set in Mumbai, the movie would find it difficult to connect with the Pan-India audiences. The story, set-up, songs as well as the dialogues have a hint of Mumbaiyaa touch which restricts the reach.

The film is technically sound with crisp editing and impactful dialogues. The action sequences are well choreographed whereas the cinematography is real. The film looks visually good on the big screen despite presenting the not so positive side of Mumbai.

Talking about performances, Riteish Deshmukh leaves a mark with his act of a Banjo player ‘Taarath’. The actor slips into the character of a ‘Tapoori’ with ease and mouths all the larger than life dialogues with utmost conviction. Deshmukh gets the body language of a Rock-Star correct and makes the character look believable. Nargis Fakhri plays herself in the film and does not have much scope for performance. The rest of the supporting cast lend the necessary support with special mention to Dharmesh.

To sum up, despite being a routine story, Banjo has a few interesting sub-plots which includes the conflict of the band members with their family, conflict within the band and rivalry amongst two bands however at positives are balanced out by a few half backed sub-plots. The story had the potential however the film ends up being  a one time watch with a few memorable moments and a commendable performance by Riteish Deshmukh.