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Dangal vs PK Box Office Collections Comparison

Dangal vs PK Box Office Collections Comparison. Check out the Daily Updated Day Wise Collection Comparison of Aamir Khan’s Dangal v/s Aamir Khan’s PK.

PK – Budget- 120 crores. Screen Size – 3600 screens India + 800 Screens Overseas. PK is the All Time Highest Grosser of Bollywood. It is also the highest overseas grosser ever for Bollywood films. PK holds lucrative Second Week, Third Week, Fourth Week Records which Dangal will be eyeing to break.

Dangal Budget- 90 crores (Excluding Aamir Khan’s Remuneration). Screen Size – 4250 screens India + 1000 Screens Overseas. The film has also released on around 350 screens in the dubbed versions. If we include all the versions then Dangal has managed to beat the first weekend numbers of Sultan thus claiming the top place on the highest weekend list of 2016.

It will be interesting battle ahead for PK v/s Dangal.

31st December Update : – Dangal is heading towards the All Time Highest Second Weekend and Week Record. While the first week numbers of Dangal were slightly higher than PK, the all important second week numbers of Dangal will be 10-15 % more than PK.  It should beat PK by the third week or fourth weekend in worst case scenario.

2nd Jan 2017 Update : – Dangal has managed to beat the second weekend collections of PK by a margin of 30% which is humongous to say the least. Dangal will easily beat the second week numbers of PK by a very good margin too.

07th Jan 2017 Update :- Dangal is all set to challenge the All Time Third Week Record of PK. Dangal should beat PK Lifetime in few days to become the All Time Highest Grosser of Bollywood ever.

Box Office Comparisons
Dangal vs PK ( All Figs in Crores)
Movie Dangal PK
Day 1 29.78 26.63
Day 2 34.82 30.34
Day 3 42.41 38.24
1st Weekend 107.01 95.21 cr
Day 4 25.69 21.22
Day 5 23.09 19.36
Day 6 21.46 19.55 cr
Day 7 20.29 27.55
1st Week 197.54 182.89 cr
Day 8 18.59 14.55
Day 9 23.07 17.12
Day 10 32.04 22.25
Day 11 13.45 10.08
Day 12 10.46 9.11
Day 13 9.23 9.05
Day 14 9.12 13.48
2nd Week 313.50 278.53
Remaining Weeks 62.00
Dubbed Version Coll 9 NA
Lifetime Collections 313.50 340.60
Verdict All Time Blockbuster


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