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Ghosts And Angels, Both Scare The Evil Guy More – Ricky Nandal

‘Office #thebrightesthorrorfilm’ asks ‘Will devil too be scared of Ghosts’? In fact it asserts that it would be – all the more so. “The nice guys still have that faith in the positive power and hence are less scared of ghosts and demons.

But the dark and evil ones are already scared of the devil within and hence freak out at the very first suggestion of a ghost. For all you know, they would not be able to differentiate and would be scared of both ghosts & angels” says Ricky Nandal who plays a guy who would be easily scared of presence of ghosts in the late night darkness of his office and yet would try to use the same places for his devious designs on a woman.


“Perhaps it is the biggest contradiction in his character that though he is mortified at the mere mention of ghosts in broad day light amongst a bunch of people, he would still try to create a situation wherein he would be left alone in the same office with a girl in the lonely dark nights – despite the fact that he has felt the presence of ghosts. Perhaps this contradiction is what decides his final fate in the film” muses Ricky.

Or it could just be the grey area between desire and fear – That decides the fate of everything from male Mantis to humans.

Produced by Full Frame Entertainment and Vishal Digital Office #thebrightesthorrorfilm releases 15th December 2017