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Happy Birthday Aamir Khan – A Mega Brand Bigger than Megastardom

Happy Birthday Aamir Khan – A Mega Brand Bigger than Megastardom. Why Aamir Khan’s Brand is way bigger than megastardom – Our Analysis & Small Take on it.

It is not to anyway demean the stardom of Aamir Khan. It is just to tell how Aamir Khan – The Brand is bigger than his own stardom. His films command respect and longevity amongst the audiences which ensures thunderous box office records even with less commercial films.

Stardom is a scenario where people love you unconditionally. Brand is a scenario where people start trusting you because of your quality and uniqueness. Aamir Khan is that Brand. Aamir Khan is at a stage in his career that his brand – his name ensures a quality movie for the paying audiences. He has a managed to build a blind trust over the Indian Movie Audience across the world. He has managed to build this brand over a period of 25 years by selecting great scripts which are more than mere commercial entertainers. Without a doubt, he has the best script sense among his contemporaries by a long shot and he has proved that time and again.

He is the founder of 100 crore, 150 crore, 200 crore, 250 crore 300 crore, 350 crore and 375 crore Club. It is a clear testament to the fact that audiences love to see Aamir Khan films. He has managed to bridge the gap between commercial and non-commercial films. Films like Lagaan, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par, 3 Idiots, Dangal etc wouldn’t have worked anywhere close to what it has, had those films featured someone else.

Another distinguishing fact about Aamir Khan is that he knows what he is doing. If he loves a script, he will go to any lengths to prepare for the role. He has got the term ‘ Mr. Perfectionist’ because of his unparalleled dedication towards the film in each and every department. He doesn’t sign a film thinking about a director’s past record if a director who doesn’t have big hits to his name comes up with a good script to him. He is not overtly judgmental. A Rare Quality which very few Bollywood Actors have.

He balances his stardom very well by doing out and out commercial films as well as slightly risky commercial films. Ghajini followed by 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3 followed by PK. Now Dangal followed by Thugs of Hindustan. Thugs of Hindustan will be followed in all likelihood with Rakesh Sharma biopic. There is an interesting pattern

Another factor about Aamir Khan – The Clever Marketing Genius, He doesn’t over-promote his films but he has a clever way for letting the audience know. Everyone in India was aware that Aamir Khan had put on a huge amount of weight for a role in a film named ‘Dangal’. People were anyway curious to see that film so all you needed was a good film and Aamir Khan made sure that film turns out more than just a good film – he made sure it turns out great and thus the box office results.

This write-up could become endless because there is so much to talk about the Great Aamir Khan. We end this article saying just one thing ‘There is only one Aamir Khan and There will always be only Aamir Khan’

So on this day, we wish Aamir Khan Happy Birthday. May he continue to entertain, enthrall and inspire us for many many more years to come.

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