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Is It a Ghost on Workstation Next To You in 0ffice #thebrightesthorrorfilm

For those who think ghosts haunt people in cemeteries, jungles and abandoned houses may be in for a shock. And the common sense more than justifies it.

“If ghosts are capable of transcending time and place, why would they only haunt certain places and not others?” Asks Karan Sharma the lead actor in the upcoming ‘Office #thebightesthorrorfilm’, India’s first psychological horror film.

‘If ghosts are there, they would be all around us, only some of us would be able to see them.” feels Nishi Singh the female lead of the film. Adds Karan “for all you know the person typing away next to you in your office is a ghost and only you can see him or her while s/he remains invisible to the entire office”

A rather scary thought indeed!

Office #thebrightesthorrorfilm releases on 15th Decemebr 2017