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Kahaani 2 Movie Review : Vidya Balan is Fantastic in the Worthy Sequel

Vidya Balan and Sujoy Ghosh have come up with the second part from Kahaani franchise titled Kahaani 2. The first film won acclaim from all section of audiences and is remembered as one of the finest Bollywood’s thrillers. Does the sequel live onto the expectations? Let’s analyse:

The Sujoy Ghosh director is not a sequel to Kahaani per se but it is more of a standalone story narrating the journey of a single mother, Durga Rani Singh. Without getting into details of the plot, we can say that Sujoy Ghosh takes up a socially relevant issue and presents it in a thriller format. With his screenplay, the director does not just give out a message, but also manages to put forth an engaging story which would keep the audiences on edge of their seat.

The dialogues, characterization and cinematography is picture perfect and does justice to the entire set up of the film in a small town near Kolkata.  Unlike Kahaani, which had a shock value, the second installment is a bit predictable (especially the climax) however it is the story-telling and emotions that work in the favor.

While Kahaani apart from being an intelligent thriller, also had some twists and turns at regular interval which kept the audiences guessing, Kahaani 2 is rather linear in terms of storytelling wherein Ghosh majorly focuses on how things unfold owing to a particular incident. The pre-climax sequence could have been shot in a better way as that does not justify the entire build-up for the sequence. Another issue with the film is dark undertone which might not work for all the sections of the audience..

Talking about performances, Vidya Balan delivers yet another memorable performance as Durga Rani Singh. Be it the emotional sequences or the confrontations, she is just OUTSTANDING. Unlike Kahaani where her character had various layers, the actress underplays herself in the second part going by demand of the story. Arjun Rampal suits the character of police officer to the T and delivers what could probably be one of his career best performances. His character gets to mouth all the heroic dialogues which have a subtle does of humor. The rest of supporting cast right from the doctor, nurse to the police inspectors and negative characters lend the necessary support.

Owing to the linear storyline, the shock value is missing and at the same time, the second half is marred by a few logical issues, but if one choses to ignore the flaws, Kahaani 2 is an enjoyable affair with right amount of thrills, emotions and some amazing performances by the ensemble .

Watch it with realistic expectations and you will enjoy this thrilling ride!

3.5 Stars