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Office #thebrightesthorrorfilm Explores Fear of Women’s Sexuality – Nishi Singh

A horror film need not just be about shocks and bangs! Obviously after an extremely popular show like BadhoBahu where she played a complex character far beyond her age and having signed a film with Pulkit Samrat, the last thing Nishi Singh had on her mind was a film from the horror genre.

Until she chanced upon a new kind of script – A psychological horror hat weaves in different themes in the script and explores their connection with fear and horror.

Q – What made you start out in Hindi Films with a horror flick having done such a family shows as BadhoBahu?

Nishi Singh – As a viewer, I have never been into horror films. People tend to think that Hollywood produces great horror but I have noted that mostly their films too revolve around just a haunted house and a roaming ghost. I would not have wanted to do a horror film like that. It was the fact that the script of Office #thebrightesthorrorfilm is so layered that I decided to do it. I always knew that even if I have to do a horror film or action film, the treatment has to be real and believable.

Q. Is there really any scope to perform in a horror film for the actors?

Nishi – I agree in a conventional horror film all that the actors have to do is just look scared and run around. But not in Office #thebrightesthorrorfilm. And that comes from characters and situations. For instance I play this girl from a small townwho, despite having all the complexes about her background and her English and her class, is still very ambitious. Some of her behavior can be called ‘wannabe’. But the same girl has become a producer in a production house at a very young age and still dreams big. And when the cycle of deaths starts, there are occasions she is worried for her life. But even in those situations she is also concerned about her work.

Q. But apart from women’s ambition – coming from settings of a workplace – what other areas can a horror film delve into?

Nishi – Women’s sexuality for instance! The fact that even women who are some sort of achievers in their lives are forced to live with a certain amount of guilt for their sexuality. I can’t go further into this as it would be like revealing plot points but I would say at one level Office #thebrightesthorrorfilm also explores the fear of women’s sexuality – in the minds of men, society at large and themselves.

Office #thebrightesthorrorfilm releases on 15Th December 2017