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Padman shows good growth on Saturday : 2 Days Total Collection

Padman shows good growth on Saturday : 2 Days Total Collection. Pad Man has managed to showcase solid growth on Saturday with 13.68 crore thus taking the two days total collections to 23.94 crore. It should growth further on Sunday and is eyeing a 40 crore range weekend number at the box office.

The film saw good growth of around 40-45 % in lot of multiplexes in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Bangalore etc whereas the single screens grew by a margin of 15-20 % in the mass centers like UP, Gujarat, CP-Berar, CI, Rajasthan etc. The audience is slowly and steadily getting acquainted with the film.

The Sunday growth has to be as good as Saturday or come as close as possible to similar growth because that would mean the word of mouth has reached the family audience and they are willing to watch the film in theaters. The subject is still a deterrent for most of the people but word of mouth is good so some of it is overriding the former and helping the film is some context.

The Sunday growth has to come from mass centers belts the places which should have grown on Saturday have already done that so the expectations from these centers to showcase similar growth on Sunday is not justified. The multiplexes in Tier II and Tier III centers have to pick up well today apart from the continued support from the multiplexes in Tier I cities and metros.

Since there are holidays in the first week, it will be tough to pinpoint the level of word of mouth in its first week itself but Monday should give an initial indication of where the things are heading as far as lifetime number is concerned. The chances of 100 crore lifetime is definitely there but it will be clear by second Friday since holidays in the first week will help the film put some numbers at the box office.

Padman/Pad Man Day wise Box Office Collection

DayCollection (Cr)
Day 110.26
Day 213.68
Day 316.11
Day 45.87
Day 56.12
Day 67.05
Day 73.78
Day 82.10
Day 93.15
Day 103.78
Day 111.50
Day 121.25
Day 13
Day 14