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Rajinikanth gets 50 Crore Fees for Kabali : Highest Paid Indian Actor

Rajinikanth gets 50 Crore Fees for Kabali : Highest Paid Indian Actor. Rajinikanth has got an upfront salary of 50 crore for Kabali thus making him the highest ever paid actor.

Rajinikanth took Rs 50 Cr remuneration and has become the highest paid actor in India. Some other top stars like Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan get more than this but they take low remuneration and share in profits. So remuneration-wise, Rajinikanth has become highest paid actor. Salman Khan has taken home around 100 crore from profits of Sultan but he didn’t charge a single penny up front to the producer.

The film was sold at crazy rates all across the globe because the teaser got an exceptional response from every corner of the country. The teaser created some unbelivable records and catapulated the hype of the film to an all together insane level.

The film is a flop in Andhra Pradesh//Telangana belt, below average in Hindi, average in Kerala and Karnataka and good to very good in Tamil Nadu and Overseas markets.  Kabali was one of the very few films to have actually managed a pre theatrical business of 200 crores making it the highest ever too.

Rajinikanth – The Phenomenon is associated with many records and this is one such record to an already huge heap of unheard and insane records.