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Rustom Movie Review – Akshay Kumar is Superb in the Film

Akshay Kumar, Ileana D’Cruz and Neeraj Pandey’s Movie Rustom releases today. The film clashes with Hrithik Roshan’s Mohenjo Daro. Check out Our Review on how the movie is.

Rustom is based on true incidents that took place in the decade of 1950’s. The film has huge reference from the infamous Nanavati Murder Case wherein a decorated navy officer is accused of killing his wife’s alleged boyfriend.

The film directed by Tinu Suresh Desai has a few memorable moments like the interrogation sequence, the flash back sequence in the climax to name a few that keeps us engrossed on the screen for two and a half hour however the major issue with the film is the predictability factor. Rustom lacks the twists and turns expected from a thriller and rides primarily on the court room sequences and Akshay Kumar’s performance.

The music blends well with the screenplay and plays an important role in taking the story forward. The background score builds onto the tension. However the major issue with Rustom is the fact that it is a story which could easily have been narrated within two hours. The editing department could have done a much better job. The entire outdoor set up looks tacky from the word go and the production value acts as a major distraction throughout the film as the conviction goes missing.

The first half is pretty slow with a very repetitive screenplay. The dialogues have a pinch of humour which majorly works in favour of the film especially in the second half.

Talking about performances, Akshay Kumar delivers yet another memorable performance as the actor slips into the character of Rustom Pavri from the word go. This is one of the many well-presented characters of the actor however we wish it was supported by a gripping screenplay. Illeana D’Cruz does well in her part however Esha Gupta over-acts like there is no tomorrow. The actor kills the impact of a supposedly intense sequence in the film. The rest of supporting cast fails to stand tall against Akshay Kumar’s massive screen presence.

To Sum Up, Rustom has its moments however is nowhere in comparison to Kumar’s previous two content driven films namely Baby and Airlift. The movie rides on  Akshay Kumar’s shoulders and expectedly so, the actor delivers yet again. The film has an interesting premise which had the potential to be better. None the less, it is a one-time watch.