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Salman’s Tubelight First Look Poster & Teaser Trailer Details Revealed

Salman’s Tubelight First Look Poster & Teaser Trailer Details Revealed. Kabir Khan reveals the details of the teaser promo & poster of Salman Khan’s Tubelight.

The first teaser promo and the logo teaser of the Salman Khan’s Tubelight will feature voice-overs by young kids from Galaxy Apartments, the Bandra building where the actor stays with his parents, as they engage literal tubelights in a conversation.

According to the filmmaker, the idea came about when his hero and he were brainstorming on their promotional strategy. “Salman and I decided to use a chorus by kids for the teasers but we didn’t want to get trained kids to do it. So he suggested we round up a bunch of kids from his building and do it in a fun way.He and I then spoke to the kids ranging from six to 11 years and took them to the studio where Salman explained to them what we are doing. We are using this chorus in the teaser-logo as well as the teaser promo,“ Kabir told Mirror.

Interestingly, Kabir’s leading man’s well-documented affinity for kids wasn’t lost on him. `’Salman really enjoys working with kids and has a special equation with them that he doesn’t often share with grown-ups. Even when we are shooting amongst thousands of spectators, he will always point to a kid, call him and spend time with him.That’s also one of the reasons Bajrangi Bhaijaan which revolved around Munni played by Harshali (Malhotra) happened; I knew he would have a special connect with the child,“ Kabir added.

The trailer is expected to be out by April End. The makers are hoping to attach the teaser promo with Baahubali 2. Tubelight releases on 23rd June 2017.

Courtesy – Mumbai Mirror