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Shivaay Movie Review : Ajay Devgn’s Honest Effort in an Average Film

Shivaay starring Ajay Devgn, Erika Kaar, Sayyesha Releases Today. The film has been one of the most anticipated movies of 2016. Does the Ajay Devgn film deliver?

The theatrical trailer of Shivaay featured some never before action scenes and managed to raise the audience expectations about the film but will the film live up that promise. Let’s find out.

The basic premise of Shivaay is about how Ajay Devgn rescues his 9 year old daughter from a big prostitution racket at Bulgaria. The film majorly rides on the grand visuals and some brilliantly choreographed action sequences in the first half. As promised by as Ajay Devgn, action in the film is genuinely next level stuff and he has managed to raise the bar. The emotional father – daughter bond does leave an impact and keeps the interest in the film intac only up till a certain point. Despite the interesting one line idea, the movie falter badly in terms of execution.

Along with establishing the premise, Devgn manages to grab attention in the first half due to the visuals however things go completely hay-wire in the second half. The screenplay goes the unrealistic way and as a director Ajay Devgn fails to exploit the otherwise promising story line.

Technically, the film is very sound, however major hassles are there in the writing department. The movie is too long and scenes are pretty repetitive in the second half. The dialogues are very tacky from the word go and dilute the impact of an emotionally rich sequence/scene.

The finale of the film is very underwhelming with the novelty factor in terms of action going for a toss (Average VFX). The background score is heart thumping and does manage to leave the desired impact.

Talking about the performances, Ajay Devgn like always delivers a reliable performance. The actor carries the film on his shoulders and is stellar in the action as well as emotional sequences. Watch-out for his emotional outburst in the climax. Erika Kaar and Sayesha don’t have much scope for performance as their characters are half backed and the film could have been complete without the two. Powerful performers like Girish Karnad and Saurabh Shulka are absolutely wasted and like the leading ladies, even their characters have no significance in taking the story forward. Abigail Eames has a ravishing screen presence and does well in her part.

To sum up, Shivaay has ample to offer in terms of action however fails to present an interesting story in an engrossing manner. The movie has its own share of ups and downs however the predictability factor as well as prolonged runtime dilutes the impact.

Watch it once for Ajay Devgn’s honest effort.

2.5 Stars