Bhaiaji Superhittt Movie Review

Bhaiaji Superhittt Movie Review - Checkout movie reviews of  Sunny Deol, Preity Zinta, Arshad Warsi. It is directed by Neerraj Pathak and it released in India on 23rd November 2018.

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By Anupama Chopra (1/5)
It was 10 or 10.30 pm and I was watching a film that felt like it had been assembled by people with a single-digit IQ for people with a single-digit IQ. I was evaluating my life and career but then the singular tragedy of Sunny struck me. Here was a National Award-winning actor, a star with blockbusters like Gaddar: Ek Prem Katha and Border, working, with utter sincerity, in a film that is every level of awful. Does anything work? Yes there are two-and-a-half funny moments mostly revolving around the film within a film.The rest of this is an excruciating slog. I’m going with one star.
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Hindustan Times
By: Raja Sen (3/5) 
Bhaiaji Superhit is a good laugh. The chase sequences are punctuated not only with machine-guns but actual grenades, and the climax invokes the ultimate movie cliché: a girl tied to train-tracks. Yet there’s constantly something worth enjoying in this film that refuses to moralise at the very end, and it is often the leading man — hapless, hilarious and never trying too hard. They could have called this movie Philadelphia, because it really is always Sunny.
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Indian Express
By: Shubhra Gupta (0/5)
On paper, this is not a bad bunch to be spending a couple of hours with. On screen, the whole thing is beyond terrible. Bollywood used to have the knack of making serviceable masala, with a bit of those sturdy tropes: action, comedy, romance.It seems to have lost the plot.
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Times Of India
By: Reza Noorani (2/5)
To cut a long review short, this is Sunny Deol’s ‘Dabangg’, but not half as entertaining. The first 10 minutes has some genuinely clever lines and funny moments, but after that it gets tiresome and overburdened with too much plot that the filmmakers have tried to pack together. The second half is where you get all the money shots, but that’s too late.If over the top spectacle’s which defy logic, gravity and other rules are your cup of tea, this one’s for you. For the rest, this one is best enjoyed sitting in the barber shop as it plays on the television behind you.
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By: Sukanya Verma
What I’ve just described is only the icing of the Bhaiaji baloney.In truth, it’s a ghastly movie about making a ghastly movie.So there’s Arshad Warsi’s swindling film-maker.The scammer is hired to make a movie about Sunny and Preity’s estrangement — because the actual director Neeraj Pathak believes that’s how marital tiffs are resolved.Dump Ameesha Patel and Shreyas Talpade into this moronic mix and things are guaranteed to worsen.
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