KGF 2nd Day All India Box Office Collection

KGF 2nd Day Box Office Collection is 3 crore in Hindi. KGF Day 2 Saturday All India Collections in all languages is around 16.5 crores at the box office.

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KGF Chapter 1 has scored some growth on Saturday in all the dubbed versions - Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. The shows have been increased in the dubbed versions too. Since the film had scored a humongous first day at box office in Karnataka, the film scored a good hold at the box office on Saturday with a small drop at the box office.

The two days total business in Hindi is around 5.1 crore. The two days total box office collections in All India is around 33 crores at the box office. The film is looking at 50-52 crore at the box office. The film should show some solid growth today in all the versions at the box office.

The film is costliest film in the history of Kannada movies and it needs a long run at the box office to succeed in its entirety. The film has its sequel, Chapter 2, already in production and the response of this film will decide lot of things about the future of that film. The film has a long holiday period at the box office and the reports are decent as of now, so it has the chance to put up some big numbers at the box office.

The film has started on a positive note in the Overseas markets. The Overseas and the worldwide first day collections of the film is easily the highest of all time for Kannada movies. The opening day numbers in USA and lot of other territories is the highest of all time by a significant margin at the box office.

Below is the break up of the nett collections of the Individual Versions

  • Kannada - 11.5 crore
  • Hindi - 3 crore
  • Telugu - 1.5 crore
  • Tamil - 0.75 crore
  • Malayalam - 0.25 crore
Total (including 5 versions) - 16.5 crore approx

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