Simmba 1st Day Friday Box Office Collection

The first day numbers are the highest opening day numbers for Ranveer Singh beating the 19 crore opening day of Padmaavat which also release in 2018. Ranveer Singh had the best year of  his career in 2018 courtesy two huge films directed by two of the biggest directors of the modern era.

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He has to follow this up with good commercial films to capitalize on this momentum. He has got the push he needed but now it all boils down to how he plans his films post 2018.

Now coming back to the business, the film has done extremely well in Mumbai and quite well in Gujarat on its first day. The numbers are also quite good in CP-Berar, Bihar etc. Delhi UP and East Punjab are decent enough for the film. The film has to show some growth today because there is plenty of scope for that owing to the possibility of good growth in Northern circuits and other mass belts.

After a huge first day in Mumbai circuit, the collections will take a slight dip today and that will be normal trend for the film. Any growth in the range of 15-20 % will be a good growth for the film because that gives an initial indication of the word of mouth as well as the lifetime prospects of the film.

For its director Rohit Shetty, the film should turn out to be another huge success at the box office. In terms of success consistency, he is well above the other current Bollywood directors because of the volume of work he does. He has a release almost every year and to have such high consistency even after that, he deserves a lot of applause.

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