Fukrey 3, The Vaccine War Saturday Day 3 Box Office Collection - 3rd Day Collections


Fukrey 3, The Vaccine War Saturday Day 3 (1st Saturday Business) Box Office Collection indicate Good 3rd Day Movie Collections.

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Fukrey 3 has scored a Good Day 3 box office collections courtesy some growth in business on Saturday after the average Friday. The film has managed to grow at good levels though it could have done better on first two days. 

Fukrey 3 is looking at 11.67 crore Day 3 showcasing around 45 % growth from Friday which is a decent to good jump therby taking the first 3 Days Total to 28.29 crore. 

Fukrey 3 has continued to do well in Delhi - UP and East Punjab as these areas have done well on Saturday as well. The film would be looking to score double digits on Sunday and Monday as well and that should push to film towards a 50 crore plus extended weekend number. 

The Vaccine War on the other hand hasn't made any major on Saturday from the dull two days at the box office. It has shown decent growth which doesn't change the overall scenario for the movie. 

The Vaccine War is looking at 1 crore Day 3 which is poor to say the least thereby taking the first 3 day total to 2.4 crore. 

The Vaccine War is a Major Box Office Disaster. 

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