Jawan beats Pathaan First Day Advance Booking All Time Record for Shah Rukh Khan

Jawan beats Pathaan First Day Advance Booking All Time Record for Shah Rukh Khan. It's Jawan v/s Pathaan as SRK claims the Highest Opening Day Booking Record.

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Jawan has sold around 1,40,000 tickets in PVR - Inox - Cinepolis in its first 24 hours, thus beating the previous record holder (1.17 lacs) by a margin of 20 % at the ticket window and this is insane to say the least. Overall the film will target 2.5 lacs tickets across the India in all the theaters in its first 24 hours.

The film is on a record breaking spree and it is not going to stop anytime soon. It is now almost confirmed that the highest advance booking record of Pathaan is gone and Jawan will be looking to better that but we will get a clear picture on the trends over the next couple of days. 

It's Shah Rukh Khan v/s Shah Rukh Khan for the Top Spot on all the All Time Advance Booking Box Office Charts and no one is remotely close at this point. 

The first day bookings are generally done more by fans and in this regards, Jawan has started on flying note at the box office. The bookings in Non-National chains, single screens are superb as well. The booking for IMAX is also superb for the opening day. 

The bookings over the next few years will give a better picture on the margin by which Jawan will end up beating Pathaan. Jawan should breach the 60 crore opening day number for Hindi films, a record. The target would be to a go a notch higher and reach the 65 crore mark. Let's wait and watch and see the euphoria unfold before our eyes over the next 6 days at the box office. 

Break Up of the Tickets Sold (in 24 hours)

  • PVR + Inox - 1,16,000
  • Cinepolis - 24,000

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