Jawan 3rd Day Saturday Box Office Collection Early Trends - All Time Record Day 3 and Saturday Collections CONFIRMED

Jawan's 3rd Day (Day 3) Saturday Box Office Collection Early Trends Report : All Time Record Collections Confirmed for Shah Rukh Khan on its Third Day. 

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Jawan has started its third day on an insane note as the collections have shown a tremendous growth from yesterday. There is a growth of around 30-40% on Day 3 in the morning shows compared to Day 2. The collection will start hitting record level from late afternoon and evening shows. The advances for those shows are record breaking to say the least. Going by the early trends, It should score a 57-62 crore day 3 in Hindi.

The film has insane advances for the shows later today in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, AP/Nizam, West Bengal circuits and it might happen that collection in some places might come close to the record opening day. The highest day 3 collection is held by Gadar 2 and the highest Saturday Collection is of Pathaan and Jawan should wipe out both of them. 

The film will cross the 170 crore mark in Hindi in three days and the collections of all versions should cross the 190 crore mark easily in its opening weekend at the box office. The Hindi record for opening weekend was held by SRK's Pathaan at 160 crore in Hindi 165 crore in all versions and Jawan will beat the record by a good margin inspite of the fact that Pathaan had a major National Holiday on Day 2 compared to Jawan, which had a Partial Holiday on Day 1.  

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Going by the early trends, the film has also shown a growth in Tamil & Telugu on Day 3 after a solid day 2 at the box office. The Tamil & Telugu versions will continue to score huge numbers over the extended weekend as well. 

The film should be targeting 235-240 crore from Hindi in its extended opening weekend whereas the overall weekend including all versions should be around 260-265 crore. 

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