Jawan Initial Advance Booking Report - Shah Rukh Khan Opens on a Strong Note

Shah Rukh Khan's Film Jawan has opened its advance booking on a strong note. The movie has a shown a solid response in the initial stages at the box office.

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The advance booking has opened for a decent number of shows up until now in most of the major cities and slowly and steadily over the weekend, the complete booking will open and that's how the advance booking opens for any major release at the ticket window.

The ticket prices of Jawan at most places are similar or around 5-10 % higher than Pathaan, clearly indicating the confidence of distributors and exhibitors on the film. Inspite of a Thursday release, the ticket prices are at the weekend rates in most of the places, much like Pathaan. 

Now coming to the box office report, the film already has multiple fast filling shows in few theaters in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Patna etc and these are very encouraging signs at the box office. The bookings have also started on a good note in Delhi NCR and Gujarat belt and it has sold a decent amount of tickets in few theaters in these areas. 

As mentioned earlier by us yesterday, lot of theaters have opened early morning shows as well (6/7/8 AM) and although this is an extreme rare phenomenon for Bollywood, we are say confidently that these will have heavy rush from the fans across the cities as they would want to catch the earliest glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan. 

Generally, most of the Single screens open their booking much later but some of the major single screens in Delhi (Liberty) and Kolkata (Atindra) have opened their booking and it has started on a solid note at the box office If the film is able to maintain its pace over the next couple of days, we are in for a insane start the box office. 

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Jawan mania has just started. We will bring you more such reports over the next couple of days. 

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