Fukrey 3, The Vaccine War Sunday (Day 4) Box Office Collection - Good First Weekend (4 Days) Total Collections


Fukrey 3, The Vaccine War Sunday Day 4 (1st Sunday Business) Box Office Collection indicate Very Good Fourth (4th) Day Collections.

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Fukrey 3 has scored a very good Sunday (Day 4) at the box office as it showcase a solid growth on Sunday compared to Saturday business. 

Fukrey 3 has scored a 15.25 crore Day 4 Business showcasing around 35% growth on Sunday from Saturday which is a very good jump and it takes the 4 Days Total Business to 43 crore+. 

Fukrey 3 has continued to be lead by Delhi - UP and East Punjab as these areas have done well on Sunday as well after a solid Saturday at the box office. There is some decent growth in Mumbai circuit, Central and Eastern circuits as well although the overall collections are still average in these circuits. 

The Vaccine War has also shown some good growth in business as it has activated the BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) Offer today.

The Vaccine War is looking at 1.6 crore Day 4 Business courtesy BOGO Offer as it has helped for the collections to bump up by significant margin.  
The Vaccine War is targeting an opening extended weekend of 4+ crores at the box office. However, the numbers of  The Vaccine War are still too low to make an overall impact in terms of box office fate. 

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