Fukrey 3 2nd Sunday (Day 11) Box Office Collection - Good Second Weekend Sunday Collections


Fukrey 3 2nd Sunday Day 11 (Second Sunday Business) Box Office Collection indicate Good Second Weekend Sunday - 11th Day Collections.

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Fukrey 3 is looking to score a good second Sunday (Day 11) at the box office with good growth compared to second Saturday. The collections were slightly impacted by India vs Aus CWC 2023 match. 

Fukrey 3 is targeting Day 11 Business of around 4.11 crore taking the 11 Days Total to around 76+ crores at the box office. 

Fukrey 3 is targeting a second weekend of around 10.44 crores at the box office and it will be drop of around 66 % from the first weekend (FSS) at the box office which is a good hold.'

Since there is no major competition at the box office, Fukrey 3 will continue to run till the Dussehra weekend at the box office. Fukrey 3 has an outside chance of hitting the 100 crore mark but that will defintely depend on the trend in third and fourth week. 

Break Up of Collections of Fukrey 3 

  • First Week (8 Days) - 66.02 crore
  • Second Friday (Day 9) - 2.31 crore
  • Second Saturday (Day 10) - 4.02 crore
  • Second Sunday (Day 11) - 4.11 crore 

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