Fukrey 3 3rd Sunday (Day 18) Box Office Collection - Third Weekend Sunday Collections


Fukrey 3 3rd Sunday Day 18 (3rd Week Sunday Business - 18th Day) Box Office Collection indicate Good Third Weekend Sunday Movie Collections.

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Fukrey 3 is looking to score a decent to good third Sunday at the box office as there is no pressure from any CWC 2023 match today. 

Fukrey 3 is targeting Day 18 Business of around 2.25 crore taking the 18 Days Total to around 90+ crores at the box office. 

Fukrey 3 has scored 8.5 crore third weekend going by the current box office trends at the box office. The film will be in theaters for few more weeks at the box office.  

Fukrey 3 has an outside chance of hitting the 95-97 crore mark but that will defintely depend on the trend in the fourth week. It has another major Dusshera weekend where it can mint some money at the box office. 

Break Up of Collections of Fukrey 3 

  • First Week (8 Days) - 66.02 crore
  • Second Week - 15.27 crore
  • Third Friday  - 4.5 crore
  • Third Saturday 1.75 crore
  • Third Sunday - 2.25 crore

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