Fukrey 3, The Vaccine War Tuesday (Day 6) Box Office Collection - Fukrey 3 is a Success, The Vaccine War is a Disaster


Fukrey 3, The Vaccine War Tuesday Day 6 (1st Tuesday Business) Box Office Collection indicate Decent Hold in First Tuesday - 6th Day Collections.

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Fukrey 3 has scored a decent Tuesday (Day 6) at the box office with decent holds compared to Friday. 

Fukrey 3 should target a 4.11 crore Day 6 Business showcasing drop of around 45% on Tuesday from Friday targeting a 6 Day Total Business of around 59 crore.

The Vaccine War has also shown an poor hold on Day 6 in business. It's Lights Out for the film at the box office. 

The Vaccine War is looking at 0.30 crore Day 6 Business.  It is a Box Office Disaster. 
The Vaccine War is targeting a 6 Days Total Business of around 5.7 crore However, the numbers of  The Vaccine War are Disastrous.

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