Leo Day 8 (2nd Thursday) Box Office Collections : Week One Collections | Thalapathy Vijay


Leo Movie Day 8 Thursday Box Office Collections - Decent 8th Day (2nd Thursday) Business- Thalapathy Vijay's Highest Week 1 All India Collection.

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As per early estimates, Leo may earn 11 crore Gross Collections on Eight Day (Second Thursday) at the box office. The Total All India Business will be around 313 crore Gross (259 crore nett) after 8 days at the box office. 

Leo has now stablized in most of the territories across India. Although the film is doing significantly higher numbers in Tamil Nadu, the trend in Hindi is quite good as well. The film is decent in Kerala, AP-TG and Karnataka. 

Leo has crossed the 300 crore All India Gross Collection yesterday at the box office, a first for Thalapathy Vijay. The film is heading towards the second weekend with a solid momentum on hand in all the Indian markets. 

Break Up of Collections of Leo All India Gross

  • Thursday (Day 1) - 77 crore Gross (63 crore nett)
  • Friday (Day 2) - 41.5 crore Gross - (33.75  crore nett) 
  • Saturday (Day 3) 45 crore Gross (36.75 crore nett)
  • Sunday (Day 4) 48.5 crore Gross (40 crore nett) 
  • Monday (Day 5) - 40 crore Gross (33 crore nett)
  • Tuesday (Day 6) - 36 crore Gross (30 crore nett) 
  • Wednesday (Day 7) - 15 crore Gross (12.5 crore nett)
  • Second Thursday (Day 8) - 11 crore Gross (9 crore nett)

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