Leo Second Weekend (11 Days) Total India, Worldwide Collections - First 500 Crore Collection for Thalapathy Vijay


Leo Movie Second Weekend (11 Days) Total All India, Overseas, Worldwide Collections - First 500 Crore Gross Collection Film for Thalapathy Vijay. 

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Leo has scored a good second weekend in Tamil Nadu followed by decent second weekend numbers in Hindi belt, Kerala and Telugu states to score an overall decent second weekend at the box office. 

Leo is now the first 500 crore grosser for Thalapathy Vijay and it is now the Third Highest Tamil movie of all time. It is also the third 500 crore Tamil movie after Rajinikanth's 2.0 and Jailer. 

Leo has beatend Jailer lifetime numbers in Tamil Nadu. It will beat the lifetime numbers of Jailer in Kerala as well. Overseas seems touch and go now depending on how it fares in the third weekend. 

The AP/TG and Karanataka numbers of Jailer are out of reach for Leo based on the trend in the second weekend at the box office. 

Leo is on track to become the Biggest Grosser Ever in Tamil Nadu and it should reach there before the Diwali at the box office. 

Total 11 Days Gross Box Office Collections of Leo

India : 

  • Tamil Nadu - 190 crore 
  • Kerala - 54.75 crore 
  • Karnataka - 39 crore 
  • AP/TG - 44 crore 
  • Rest of India - 30.50 crore (Hindi - 26.25 Crore)

All India  - 358.50 crore Gross (296 crore nett)

Overseas : 
  • North America (US + Can): 5.6 Million USD
  • UAE - GCC: 6.48 Million USD
  • UK - 1.7 Million USD
  • Malayasia - 2.35 Million USD
  • Singapore - 1.45 Million USD
  • Europe : 1.25 Million USD
  • Australia/NZ: 950K USD
  • Rest of World - 1.5 Million USD
Overseas -  22 Mil USD (183 crore Gross

Total Worldwide  541.50 crore 

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