Leo is Thalapathy Vijay's Highest Worldwide Grosser - First 400 Crore Grosser in 5 Days

Leo is now Thalapathy Vijay's Highest Final Lifetime Worldwide Grosser  - Vijay's First 400 Crore in 5 Days + Biggest Ever Lifetime Box Office Record Collections.

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Leo has become the Highest Grosser Ever for Thalapathy Vijay from the worldwide box office. It is Thalpathy Vijay's First 400 Crore Grosser in 5 Days Flat.

Leo will definitely be Thalapathy Vijay's First 500 Crore Worldwide Grosser and 300 Crore All India Grosser. Anything higher than that will depend on the trend of the film over the next couple of weeks at the box office. 

To score a lifetime record in just 5 days flat speaks volumes about the hype of Leo and the mega-stardom Thalapathy Vijay commans at the box office currently.

Leo has been unstoppable for the first five days at the box office and it will continue at such record levels for couple of days till Dussehra at least. The trend after Dussehra will give the inital indication of the lifetime collections. 

Leo will also become Vijay's Highest Grosser in Tamil Nadu by Tuesday or Wednesday at the box office. It is already his Biggest Grosser Ever in Overseas markets, Kerala and Hindi circuit. It will soon become his highest grosser in Andhra Pradesh/Telangana and Karnataka. 

The film has scored similar major box office records in Overseas belts like USA - Canada, UAE-GCC, UK, Europe, Asia, ROW markets. 

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