Leo Day 7 Wednesday Box Office Collections - 300 Crore All India Collection | Thalapathy Vijay


Leo Movie Day 7 Wednesday Box Office Collections - Good 7th Day (1st Wednesday) Business- Thalapathy Vijay's First 300 Crore All India Collection.

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Leo may earn 15 crore Gross Collections on Seventh Day (1st Wednesday) at the box office. The Total All India Business will be around 305 crore Gross (250 crore nett) after 7 days at the box office. 

After an insane 6 days at the box office, Leo has held well in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Hindi belts. It is also pretty decent today in Karnataka and Andhra-Pradesh/Telangana markets as well. 

The drops in business for Leo across the markets in India will obviously be there post the extended holiday period but collections should stabilize by the end of today. 

The drops are there in Overseas markets as well for Leo after the insane opening extended weekend but this is a case with most of the Tamil films since they are extremely front loaded in the Overseas markets.

Leo has crossed the 300 crore All India Gross Collection today at the box office, a first for Thalapathy Vijay. Leo is heading towards 20 Million USD in Overseas by the end of first extended week at the box office.   

Day 7 Gross Box Office Collections of Leo

  • Tamil Nadu - 8.5 crore 
  • Kerala - 2 crore 
  • Karnataka - 1.25 crore 
  • AP/TG - 1.5 crore 
  • Hindi - 1.75 crores

All India Day 7 - 15 crore Gross (12.5 crore nett)

Break Up of Collections of Leo All India Gross

  • Thursday- 77 crore Gross (63 crore nett)
  • Friday - 41.5 crore Gross - (33.75  crore nett) 
  • Saturday - 45 crore Gross (36.75 crore nett)
  • Sunday 48.5 crore Gross (40 crore nett) 
  • Monday - 40 crore Gross (33 crore nett)
  • Tuesday - 36 crore Gross (30 crore nett) 
  • Wednesday - 15 crore Gross (12.5 crore nett)

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