Thank You For Coming, Dono Tuesday (Day 5) Box Office Collections - Total First Week Tuesday Collection


Thank You For Coming, Dono Movie Tuesday (Day 5 Business) Box Office Collections - Poor 5th Day Collection - 1st Week Tuesday for both the films at the box-office.

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Thank You For Coming Tuesday (Day 5) Box Office Collections should be around 0.45 crore taking the 5 day total business to 4.05 crore

Thank You For Coming is looking to score a below par first week at the box office since it is unlikely to make any impact beyond the weekend at the box office. The film is looking at a 4.9-5 crore first week business. 

Day Wise Collections of Thank You For Coming

  • Friday - 0.75 crore
  • Saturday - 1.15 crore
  • Sunday - 1.25 crore
  • Monday - 0.50 crore
  • Tuesday - 0.45 crore

Dono is looking at a lifetime of approx 1 crore at the box office and that is beyond disastrous for a film made on such budget. This is happening inspite of the BOGO Offer.  

Dono Tuesday (Day 5) Box Office Collections might be around 0.045 crore. It is a looking a first week collection of 0.70 crore

Dono is easily the biggest disastrous debut for a star kid in Bollywood. 

Day Wise Collections of Dono

  • Thursday (Previews) - 0.08 crore
  • Friday - 0.10 crore
  • Saturday - 0.14 crore
  • Sunday  - 0.16 crore
  • Monday - 0.05 crore
  • Tuesday - 0.045 crore

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