Thank You For Coming, Dono 2nd Saturday (Day 9) Box Office Collection - Second Week Saturday Collections


Thank You For Coming, Dono Movie 2nd Saturday (Day 9 Business) Box Office Collections - Second Week Saturday (9th Day) Collection for both the films at the box-office.

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As per early estimates, Thank You For Coming Second Saturday (Day 9) Box Office Collections should be around 0.25-0.30 crore taking the 9 day total business to 5.75 crore. 

Thank You For Coming is looking towards a drop at the box office after the National Cinema Day at the box office. 

Day Wise Collections of Thank You For Coming

  • First Week - 4.85 crore
  • Second Friday  - 0.70 crore
  • Second Saturday (Early Estimates) - 0.25 - 0.30 crore 

Dono is nearing the end of its run at the box office. It might remain in theaters for few more days.  

As per early estimates, Dono Second Saturday (Day 9) Box Office Collections might be around 0.02-0.03 crore taking the 9 days total collections to 0.77-0.78 crore.  

The film is looking to wrap up at around 0.90 crore, well under the 1 crore mark. A major box office disaster for Rajshri after a while. 

Day Wise Collections of Dono

  • First Week - 0.68 crore
  • Second Friday  - 0.07 crore
  • Second Saturday (Early Estimates) - 0.02-0.03

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