Animal 4th Week (28 Days) Total Box Office Collection : 490 Crore Hindi, 540 Crore All India Collections


Ranbir Kapoor's Animal Day 4th Week Box Office Collection Suggest 490 Crore Hindi, 540 Crore All India Collections after Fourth Week Business.

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Animal has scored a good fourth week inspite of the major box office clash with Dunki and Salaar at the Box Office during the Christmas week.

The film should now good number of shows and screens during the New Year weekend so it should perform better at the box office. If it can sustain close to the fourth week, it has a chance of hitting the 500 crore nett mark in Hindi

Animal stands at around 490 crores in Hindi and 540 crore in All Languages after the fourth week. The dubbed version has ended its run so the collections going forward will primarily be in the Hindi version only.  

The trend in the fifth week will decide the feasibility of a number beyond 500 crore lifetime for Animal. 

Break Up of Business of Animal - Hindi (Dubbed Version) 

  • First Week - 300.81 crore Hindi (+ 37.82 Crore Dubbed)
  • Second Week - 130.73 crore Hindi (+ 8.18 crore Dubbed) 
  • Third Week - 50.35 crore Hindi (3.80 crore Dubbed)
  • Fourth Week - 8.30 crore Hindi (0.60 crore Dubbed) 

Total Business (28 Days) - 490.3 crore Hindi (50.3 crore Dubbed)

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