Salaar 1st Day Total Worldwide Collections - 150 Crores Gross Collection

Prabhas' Salaar 1st Day Total Worldwide Collections - 150 Crores Gross Collection - Detailed Break up of India, Overseas and Worldwide Business. 

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Salaar Part 1 : Cease Fire has Collected more than 150 Crores Gross Box Office Collection Worldwide on Day 1 + Overseas Premiers. Salaar Day 1 Worldwide Gross Collection is around 157+ crores

Salaar has done extraordinary business in Telugu version from AP/TG twin states and Karnataka and Overseas markets. The film has done superb business from Malayalam version in Kerala.

On the other hand, Salaar has done good business from the Hindi and Tamil version. Hindi version is the second business contributor after the Telugu version. The film has scored double digit numbers in Telugu and Hindi version. 

Salaar  has done extraordinary business in Overseas as well with insane numbers from USA, UK and UAE-GCC belts from premiers. The Day 1 Shows are still running

In terms of contributions from a single state for Salaar, AP/Telangana is followed by Karanataka and all of them are scored double digit numbers from all the three places. 

Break Up of Gross Collections of Salaar

  • AP/Telangana- 62 crore 
  • Karnataka - 11 crore
  • Hindi- 18.75 crore (15.5 crore nett)
  • Kerala - 4.75 crores 
  • Tamil Nadu - 5.25 crores
  • ROI - 1.25 crores
Total (India) - 103 crore Gross (85 crore nett) 

Overseas (Day 1+ Premieres) Collection
  • North America (US + Can) - 3.8 Million USD
  • UAE + GCC - 1.16 Million USD
  • UK - 331K USD
  • Aus + NZ - 316K USD
  • ROW - 360K USD
Total (Overseas) - 50 crore Gross(6 Million USD) 

Total (Worldwide) - 153 crores Gross 

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