Fighter 5th Week (34 Days) Total India, Overseas, Worldwide Box Office Collection : 340 Crores Worldwide

Hrithik Roshan - Deepika's Movie Fighter Fifth Week India, Overseas, Worldwide Box Office Collection : 342 Crore Total Worldwide Collections after 34 Days.

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Fighter has scored around 342 crore Gross after 34 days at the worldwide box office. The film is heading towards a 345-350 crore finishing line depending on where it lands on sixth Friday at the box office. 

The numbers are average considering the star cast and budget, genre of the film. The film has performed well in USA, Australia primarily whereas it is good in UK as well. The overseas performance is better than the domestic. 

Fighter is expected to score around 12.26 Million in the Overseas markets till the Fifth Tuesday (34 days) at the box office. 

Break Up of Collections of Fighter (Expected after 34 Days)

  • Hindi - 241.5 crores (200.85 crores nett) 
Total (India) - 241.5 crore Gross (200.85 crore nett) 

Overseas Collection (Expected after 34 Days)
  • North America (US + Can) - 7.62 Million USD
  • UK -  1.28 Million USD
  • Aus + NZ - 1.68 Million USD
  • ROW - 1.68 Millon USD

Total (Overseas) - 12.26 Million USD (101.6 crore)

Total (Worldwide) - 342.1 crores Gross 

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