Fighter 4th Day Sunday Box Office Collection - Average First Extended Weekend Collections


Hrithik Roshan's Movie Fighter Day 4 (Sunday) Box Office Collection - Average 4th Day Collections as Fourth Day Business Report Suggest 28+ crore. 

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Fighter Day 4 Sunday Box Office Collection Suggest a decent business of around 28.25 crore taking the four day extended weekend  total collection to 116 crore

On Sunday, Fighter has shown a average jump from Saturday as it could only grew by less than 10% on Sunday which is almost like a flat and disappointing trend for a such a big film.  

The numbers of Fighter after four days are around 15 % lower than what would be a considered a good number for the extended weekend for a film having such starcast and budget. The numbers can be called decent at best.

Fighter has crossed the 100 crore mark in four days and it is 6th 100 Crore Movie for Hrithik Roshan and Third for the director - actor combo at the box office. For Deepika Padukone, it is 8th 100 Crore movie in her filmography.

The Monday business will define whether it hits the 200 crore mark. The film needs to do a number in the mid-teens to enjoy a good run at the box office but going by the weekend trend, even early teens looks like the best case scenario now.

Day Wise Collections of Fighter

  • Thursday - 22.25 crore
  • Friday - 38.50 crore
  • Saturday - 27 crore
  • Sunday - 28.25 crore
Total Collections (4 Days) - 116 crore

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