Hanuman Day 3 Sunday Box Office Collection - Superb First Weekend Collections

Hanuman/Hanu-Man Movie 3rd Day (Day 3 1st Sunday Collections) All India Box Office Collection will be around 15 crores in Hindi, Telugu primarily.

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Hanu-Man 3rd Day Sunday Box Office Collection is 5 crore in Hindi and 10 crore from Telugu and other versions and the first weekend collections will be around 11 crore in Hindi and 40 crore plus overall including all versions. 

Hanu-Man is set for a strong run in the Hindi markets for the next few weeks at the box office. The film should score a good lifetime number going by the box office trend over the first weekend. 

Hanu-Man continues to record superb numbers in Telugu as well and the film has beaten all the much bigger Sankranti releases on Sunday at the box office. The film is also doing extraordinary numbers in the USA in the Telugu version. 

Hanu-Man is comfortably going to become a BLOCKBUSTER as that is confirmed from the first weekend numbers. It is now about how high it can go from here on at the box office. 

Time and again, box office throws a pleasant surprise and this time around, the surprise has come in the form of Hanu-Man at the beginning of 2024 at the box office. The film was pitted against much bigger films and it is now winning the race within the first weekend itself.

The Telugu version of Hanuman will comfortably gross 100 crores at the worldwide box office. It is now about the potential of the Hindi version at the box office as that will determine whether it can hit any bigger number or not. 

Day Wise Collections of Hanu-Man (Hindi)

  • Friday - 2.1 crores
  • Saturday - 3.90 crores
  • Sunday - 5 crores
Total (1st Weekend) - 11 crores

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