Crakk Hit or Flop - Profit or Loss, Box Office Analysis, Total Box Office Collection, Budget and Final Verdict

Vidyut Jammwal's movie Crakk Hit or Flop - Profit or Loss, Box Office Detailed Analysis Total India Box Office Collection - Final Verdict for the film.

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Vidyut - Nora Fatehi's Crakk Domestic (Indialifetime box office is expected to end up at around 11.5 cr INR nett (13.5 cr INR Gross) in India, around 2.5 Crore Gross in Overseas.

Detailed Analysis, Economics and Profit/Loss Statement of Crakk



Cost of Production85 crores
Prints & Publicity  15 crores
Total Budget - 100 crores

Total Box Office Recovery/Revenue Details

India Collection (Expected)11.5 cr nett (13.5 cr INR Gross)
India Distributors Share (Hindi)5.75 Cr approx (B)
Overseas Collection (Expected)2.5 cr INR Gross
Overseas Distributors Share0.25 Crore approx (C)

   Total Worldwide Box Office Collection Gross - 16 crores

    Total Box Office Revenue (B + C) - 6 crores (D)

Total Non Theatrical Recovery/Revenue Details

Music Rights7 Crores
Satellite Rights
 25 crores
Digital Rights
40 crores
UK Rebate  7.5 crores
Miscellaneous (PVOD etc)   0.5 crores

 Total Non Theatrical Recovery - 83 crores (E) 

Final Economics

Total Box Office Revenue (B + C)
  6 crores (D)
Total Non Theatrical Recovery  80 crores (E)
Total Revenue (D+E)
  86 crores
 Total Budget  100 crores
 Total LOSS
   14 crores

Final Box Office Verdict - HUGE FLOP (Produces lost less money due to Huge Digital + Satellite Rights Revenue) 

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