TBMAUJ Final Total India, Overseas, Worldwide Box Office Collection : 140 Crores Worldwide


Shahid - Kriti's Movie Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya Final Total India, Overseas, Worldwide Box Office Collection : 141 Crore Total Lifetime Worldwide Collections 

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TBMAUJ is expected to score around 141 crore Gross in its final run at the worldwide box office. The India Gross Collections has crossed the 100 crores mark in India. 

TBMAUJ is the second highest domestic and worldwide grosser for Shahid Kapoor as a solo hero after Kabir Singh where if we count multi-starrers, then it is his third biggest grosser after Padmaavat and Kabir Singh.

TBMAUJ has been a good Box Office comeback for Shahid Kapoor and Kriti Sanon after a significant time.

TBMAUJ has scored around 4.85 Million in the Overseas markets at the end of its run at the box office. 

Break Up of Collections of TBMAUJ (Final)

  • India - 100.80 crores (83.75 crores nett) 
Total (India) - 100.80 crore Gross (83.75 crore nett) 

Overseas Collection (Final)
  • North America (US + Can) - 2.6 Million USD
  • UAE+GCC - 0.90 Million USD
  • UK -  0.35 Million USD
  • Aus + NZ - 0.40 Million USD
  • ROW - 0.60 Millon USD

Total (Overseas) - 4.85 Million USD (40.2 crore)

Total (Worldwide) - 141 crores Gross 

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