Crew 1st Day Friday Box Office Collection - Good Opening Day (Day 1) Collections

Crew Movie 1st Day Friday Box Office Collection Indicates a Very Good First Day Business - Opening Day (Day 1) Collections of around 9.5 crores. 

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Kareena Kapoor - Kriti Sanon's Crew First Day Friday Box Office Collection indicate a very good business of around 9.5 crores. 

Crew has scored a Good First Day at the Box Office and that is partially aided by the Good Friday Holiday. It has comfortably beaten the opening day numbers of TBMAUJ by a margin of 30 %. 

Crew again showcases the importance of Good trailer and Hit Song and when these factors come in a strong star-cast film then the audience interest in the film increases significantly. 

Crew is again a testament to the Box Office prowess of Kareena Kapoor Khan alongside Kriti Sanon when they are coming with a right film for its target audience. 

The opening day of Crew is quite good inspite of facing heavy competiton from Godzilla X King so the holiday advantage is nullified by the strong competition. 

Crew has scored the Third Highest Opening Day Collections of 2024 for Bollywood comfortably beating the likes of TBMAUJ and Article 370 at the box office. 

Day Wise Collections of Crew

  • Friday - 9.5 crores
Total Collections - 9.5 crores

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