Crew Day 3 Sunday Box Office Collection - Good First Weekend Collections


Crew Movie 3rd Day Sunday Box Office Collection Indicates a Good Third Day Business - First Weekend Collections might be around 29 crores. 

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Kareena - Kriti's Crew Third Day Sunday Box Office Collection indicate a good business of around 10.25 crores taking the three day total business to around 29.5 crores. 

Crew has scored a Good Sunday at the box office as the collections have maintained at good levels at the box office on the third day and there is a minor jump over Saturday at the box office. 

Crew is targeting a 29.5 crore plus opening weekend at the domestic box office and the worldwide collection should cross the 60 crore mark.

Crew now needs to hold on Monday with a less than 50 % drop from Friday as the business was aided by Good Friday so in fair value, the drop will be less and the film could then enjoy a good run at the box office.  

Day Wise Collections of Crew

  • Friday - 9.5 crores
  • Saturday - 9.75 crores
  • Sunday - 10.25 crores
Total Collections (3 Days) - 29.50 crores

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