Crew 4th Week Total India, Overseas, Worldwide Box Office Collection - 140 Crores Worldwide

Crew Movie 4th Week Total India, Overseas, Worldwide Box Office Collection : 140 Crore Total Worldwide Collections 

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Crew is expected to score around 143 crore Gross by the end of its fourth week at the worldwide box office with very good collections in India and Overseas markets. 

Crew is on track for a 150 crore worldwide number but a lot will depend on the trend in the fifth weekend at the box office. 

Crew has been a good Box Office comeback for Kareena Kapoor after a significant time. It is also another good box office performer for Kriti Sanon after TBMAUJ.

Crew is expected to score around 6.5 Million in the Overseas markets by the end of its fourth week and that will make it the second biggest film in Overseas Markets for Bollywood in 2024 after Fighter.

Break Up of Collections of Crew (28 Days)

India Collections

  • India - 90.4 crores (76.5 crores nett) 
Total (India) - 90.5 crore Gross (76.6 crore nett) 

Overseas Collection
  • North America (US + Can) - 3.4 Million USD
  • UAE+GCC - 1.1 Million USD
  • UK - 700K USD
  • Aus + NZ - 650K USD
  • ROW - 450K USD

Total (Overseas) - 6.3 Million USD (52.5 crore)

Total (Worldwide) - 143 crores Gross 

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