Laapataa Ladies Sunday (Day 3) - First Weekend Box Office Collection


Laapataa Ladies Sunday (3rd Day) Collection will be around 1.85 crores and the First Weekend (3 Days) Box Office Collections 4 crores. 

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Aamir Khan - Kiran Rao's film Laapataa Ladies Day 3 Sunday Box Office Collection  Indicate a Business of around 1.85 crores taking the 3 days total collections to around 4 crores.

Laapataa Ladies has shown a very healthy trend throughout the first weekend at the box office with good growth on Saturday and Sunday. While the Saturday growth was solid, the film has managed to consolidate it somewhat on Sunday as well.

Laapataa Ladies needs its Monday to be higher than Friday to enjoy some run at the box office. A number in the range of 1 crore would be a good result for the film but we will have to wait till tomorrow to see that. 

Aamir Khan Productions have rarely failed at the box office in terms of the quality of the content and that also seems to working in favor of the film atleast in its first weekend as when you add a good word of mouth alongside an established brand, it amplies multifold.

Day Wise Collections of Laapataa Ladies

  • Friday - 0.75 crores
  • Saturday - 1.40 crores
  • Sunday  - 1.85 crores
Total Collections (3 Days) - 4 crores

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