Madgaon Express Day 8 (2nd Friday) Box Office Collection - Second Friday Collections

Madgaon Express Movie Day 8 2nd Friday Box Office Collection around 0.85 crore. Poor 8th Day Business taking Second Friday Total Collections to 13.85 crores.

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Madgaon Express 8th Day (2nd Friday) Box Office Collection indicate a business of around 0.85 crore and it will take the 8 Days Total Business to around 13.85 crore. 

Madgaon Express is looking to score a poor second friday at the box office as the collections are significantly aided by Good Friday Holiday otherwise it would have tanked completely. 

It will be difficult for Madgaon Express to grow further on Saturday and Sunday and even if it grows, it will be a very small margin so the weekend prospects are not good at this point. 

Madgaon Express is facing heavy competition from the new releases like Godzilla X Kong and Crew and both these are targeting urban and semi-urban multiplex audiences and they have taken away all the attention. 

The best case for Madgaon Express now seems to be 20 crore range lifetime which will be a below average number but better than the likes of Laapataa Ladies, Merry Christmas etc. 

Day Wise Collections of Madgaon Express

  • First Week - 13 crores
  • Second Friday - 0.85 crores
Total Collections (8 Days) - 13.85 crores

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