Madgaon Express Day 3 Sunday Box Office Collection - First Weekend Collections


Madgaon Express Movie Day 3 Sunday Box Office Collection around 2.75 crore. Decent Growth on 3rd Day Business taking First Weekend Total Collections to 7.25 crores.

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Madgaon Express 3rd Day Sunday Box Office Collection indicate a business of around 2.75 crores and it will take the 3 Days Total Business to around 7 crore. 

Madgaon Express has scored a decent first weekend at the box office and it is partially aided by BOGO Offer on Friday and Saturday. The film has scored a decent Sunday inspite of no BOGO Offer 

There is a long journey ahead for Madgaon Express at the box office since youth films generally perform during the weekend at the box office so the weekday trend is extremely crucial for the film. 

The business of Madgaon Express on Sunday gives an initial indication about its word of mouth at the box office and the film might sustain at the box office but it all boils to the hold from Wednesday onwards as Monday and Tuesday will get some Holi period boost. 

If a film like Madgaon Express with no HIT music and zero saleable names, can do around 20-25 crores at the box office then it can be considered to be respectable number for the film but we will have to wait and see where the box office goes. 

Day Wise Collections of Madgaon Express

  • Friday - 1.5 crores
  • Saturday - 2.75 crores
  • Sunday - 2.75 crores
Total Collections (3 Days) - 7 crores

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