Yodha Day 11 (2nd Monday) Box Office Collection - Holi Collections


Yodha Movie 11th Day 2nd Monday (Holi) Box Office Collection suggests around 1.6 crore Day 11 Business. Average Second Monday Collections for the film.

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Sidharth's Yodha Day 11 (Second Monday - Holi Day) Box Office Collection indicate a below average business of around 1.6 crores taking the 11 days total business to 29.4 crores.

On its Second Monday, Yodha has scored a number closed to its Second Sunday at the box office and it seems that is the last 1 crore day for the film at the box office. 

Yodha is looking at a second week collection of 7-7.5 crores which is a poor number for a film made at its current budget as an action film. The film will drop by around 70% from the first week which itself had poor numbers. 

Yodha will cross the 30 crore mark at the box office during the second week at the box office but it is unlikely to collect anything significant beyond that. It is now targeting a lifetime number of 32-33 crores at the box office. 

Day Wise Collections of Yodha

  • First Week - 23.80 crores
  • Second Friday - 0.9 crores
  • Second Saturday - 1.5 crores
  • Second Sunday - 1.6 crores
  • Second Monday - 1.6 crores
Total Collections (11 Days) - 29.4 crores

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