Crew Seventh Monday Box Office Collection - Day 46 Collections

Crew Movie Day 46 7th Monday Box Office Collection Indicates a Decent 46th Day Business - Seventh Week Monday Total Collections around 82.35 crores. 

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Crew Day 46 7th Monday Box Office Collection indicates a business of around 0.05 crores taking the 46 days total business to around 82.35 crores. 

Crew is heading towards a seventh week of around 0.6 crores at the box office and this nears the end of the run for the film at the box office.

Crew will be at 82.5 crores approx lifetime numbers by the end of the seventh week at the box office so it might add another 0.5 crore at max to its lifetime. 

Crew has dropped by around 70 % from the sixth week and that is due to competition from Srikanth and Kingdom of Apes. It will stay below TBMAUJ domestic lifetime. 

Day Wise Collections of Crew

  • First Week - 44 crores
  • Second Week - 20.9 crores
  • Third Week - 7.6 crores
  • Fourth Week - 4.25 crores
  • Fifth Week - 3 crores
  • Sixth Week - 2.15 crores
  • Seventh Weekend - 0.4 crores
  • 7th Monday - 0.05 crores
Total Collections (46 Days) - 82.35 crores

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