Madgaon Express Seventh Week Box Office Collection - Day 49 Collections

Madgaon Express Movie Day 49 7th Thursday Box Office Collection around 0.2 crore 49th Day Business taking Seventh Week Total Collections to 33.5 crores.

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Madgaon Express Day 49 Seventh Thursday Box Office Collection indicate a business of around 0.2 crore and it will take the 49 Days Total Business to around 33.50 crore. 

Madgaon Express is heading towards a seventh week of around 2 crores and that means around 20 % drop from the sixth week at the box office. 

Madgaon Express has beaten the lifetime business of Yodha which was more than twice the budget of Madgaon and had action backdrop in its setting. 

Madgaon Express is heading towards a 35 crore plus range lifetime number and if it is able to hold well next week then it has a shot at 36+ crore number. 

Madgaon Express has seen a good trend in the last couple of weeks at the box office as the film has genuinely benefitted from the extended run in Mumbai circuit. 

Madgaon Express will stay in theaters for couple of more weeks or so at the box office as there is no competiton in sight at the box office. 

Day Wise Collections of Madgaon Express

  • First Week - 13 crores
  • Second Week - 5.5 crores
  • Third Week - 5.25 crores
  • Fourth Week - 2.85 crores
  • Fifth Week - 2.4 crores
  • Sixth Week - 2.5 crores
  • Seventh Weekend - 1.20 crores
  • 7th Monday - 0.2 crores
  • 7th Tuesday - 0.2 crores
  • 7th Wednesday - 0.2 crores
  • 7th Thursday - 0.2 crores
Total Collections (49 Days) - 33.50 crores

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