Maidaan Fifth Tuesday Box Office Collection - Day 34 Collections

Ajay Devgn's Movie Maidaan Day 34 5th Tuesday Box Office Collection - Fifth Week Collections34th Day Collection Expected to be around 0.2 crore.

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Ajay Devgn's Maidaan Day 34 Fifth Tuesday Box Office Collection indicates a business of around 0.2 crore taking the 34 Days Total Collection to 50.95 crores. 

Maidaan is heading towards a fifth week of around 1.75 crores at the box office showcasing a drop of around 60% from fourth week business.

Maidaan will cross the 51 crore mark by the end of fifth week at the box office. The film has been impacted in multiplexes by the release of Srikanth and Planet of Apes. 

Maidaan will have couple of more weeks at the box office where it might collect cumulatively couple of crores but that's about it in terms of box office. 

Day Wise Collections of Maidaan

  • First Week (8 Days) - 27.5 crores
  • Second Week - 10.5 crores
  • Third Week - 7.25 crores
  • Fourth Week - 4.25 crores
  • Fifth Weekend - 1.1 crores
  • 5th Monday - 0.15 crore
  • 5th Tuesday  - 0.20 crore
Total Collections (34 Days) - 50.95 crores

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