Jawan Fastest 350 Crore in Bollywood, 400 Crore All India in 9 Days : TIE with Pathaan Box Office Record

Jawan is the Fastest 350 Grosser for Bollywood in 9 Days, a tie with Pathaan (9 Days) whereas All India Total is 400 Crore (including Tamil & Telugu).

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The film will end up at 360 crore plus in Hindi after 9 days at the box office and the total in all languages in India will cross the 400 Crore mark by the end of today at the box office. 

While for Hindi, it is a box office tie with Pathaan's record of 9 Days but for all languages combined, it is a way of Pathaan. Jawan is way ahead of all Bollywood films in Tamil & Telugu versions because these versions rarely do business for Bollywood films and Jawan has seen insane business coming in from these dubbed versions.

Going forward, Jawan will beat Pathaan's record of Fastest 400 Crore Grosser as Jawan will beat it in 1 day shorter margin at the box office. Jawan is heading for the 500 Crore Club and it should enter the club during its fourth week at the box office.  

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