Jawan Movie Box Office Prediction, Budget, Screen Count - Highest Opening Day Collection for Hindi Films

Jawan Movie Box Office Prediction, Budget, Screen Count - Highest Opening Day Collection for Hindi Films possible for Shah Rukh Khan film with Day 1 Collections.

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Jawan has sold around 557k tickets in PIC chain and overall opening day ticket sales are around 1.5 M for Hindi Version till now and for all the versions it will be around 1.65 Million for the opening day. 

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The film has seen record advance booking in the smaller multiplexe chains like Miraj, MovieTime, CityPride etc and lot of single screens in multiple cities across India and that bodes well the film since it has more mass appeal than Pathaan and there is a partial holiday on Janmasthami. You can read how big the holiday is for Jawan : here

Jawan will be targeting record opening day in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu version as well in India as well as the Overseas. Basically all the records should be in the books of Jawan on 7th September. Shah Rukh Khan will have another record opener after Pathaan. 

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The film has seen record advance sales in Overseas territories as well easily beating Pathaan in all the major Overseas territories and the film is heading for a record opening day in the Overseas belts as well beating Pathaan numbers.

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  • Cost of Production - 325 crores
  • Prints & Publicity - 25 crores
  • Total - 350 crores (excluding SRK's Fees) 

Release Size/ Screen Count (Expected by EOD)

  • India Total 5700 Screens (could increase by EOD)
    • Hindi - 4900 Screens (Hindi)
    • Tamil - 525 Screens 
    • Telugu - 275 Screens 
  • Overseas - 4000 Screens (Hindi + Tamil + Telugu) 
Approx 9700 Screens Worlwide for Jawan. Pathaan had released on around 8200 (5500 India + 2700 Overseas) screens worldwide in all the versions. 

Opening Day Box Office Prediction Worldwide 

  • Hindi (India) - 65-67 crores+ nett (75-80 crores gross)
  • Dubbed Versions (India : Tamil+Telugu) - 10-12 crores gross 
  • Overseas - 5 Million USD - 42 crores gross
The film is targeting around 129 crores worldwide gross collection. 

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